Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-3416 Operation Of State Metrology Laboratory

3-3416. Operation of state metrology laboratory

(L15, Ch. 244, sec. 2. Eff. 7/1/16)

A. The director shall establish and operate within the department the state metrology laboratory.

B. A commercial device shall not be approved for use in the state unless the design and construction comply with national institute of standards and technology requirements.

C. All commercial devices approved and certified shall meet the tolerance, design and construction requirements prescribed by the national institute of standards and technology.

D. All commercial devices determined unfit for approval shall be rejected without testing.

E. All weights, weight sets, measures, meters, counters or other devices used by registered service representatives shall show an indication of the approval date and jurisdiction issuing the approval.

F. All persons who install, service or repair commercial devices in this state shall submit the test equipment used to the department's metrology laboratory for approval at least annually. A certificate of approval that specifically identifies the test equipment and that is issued by another state laboratory may be accepted in lieu of submitting equipment if the other state laboratory is certified by the national institute of standards and technology.

G. All weights, measures, meters, counters or other devices shall be tested in the order they are scheduled in the laboratory unless arrangements for testing have been made in advance.

H. Work completed in the metrology laboratory shall be paid for pursuant to the fees prescribed in the rules of the department.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016