Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-367.02 Notification By Beekeepers Of Bees Located In A Commercial Agricultural Area

3-367.02. Notification by beekeepers of bees located in a commercial agricultural area

A. Before locating bees on an apiary site, the owner of the bees shall obtain the landowner's or lessee's permission and notify in writing persons engaged in commercial agriculture on whose land the bees may forage. The notice shall include the beekeeper's address and telephone number, the location of the hives within a quarter section and the exact dates that the bees will be in the area.

B. After receiving the notice required by subsection A, the person who engages in commercial agriculture shall inform the beekeeper, before application, when a bee sensitive pesticide will be applied to the area in which the bees are foraging.

C. A failure by the beekeeper or the owner of the bees to notify the person or persons who engage in commercial agriculture as provided by subsection A constitutes prima facie evidence that no loss occurred due to a pesticide application and no pesticide violation related to bees has occurred.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016