Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-449.03 Record Keeping; Confidentiality; Inspection

3-449.03. Record keeping; confidentiality; inspection

A. A shipper shall keep records on the amount of each citrus variety the shipper sells for each producer for a period of two years. The shipper shall report the records for purposes of marketing orders.

B. Individual totals of commodities produced or shipped are not subject to public disclosure and are strictly confidential. If a shipper presents a signed and notarized release to the supervisor or the supervisor's agent, a person may receive individual totals of commodities shipped by the shipper.

C. Records of shippers are subject to inspection during business hours by the supervisor or the supervisor's designee.

D. The supervisor or designee may investigate any records of any transaction of a commission merchant for possible violations of this article.

E. Every person licensed under this article shall keep an accurate and complete record which shall record the amount and character of all citrus fruit received from any person for payment or sale, the date of receiving the shipment, the name of the consignee, the condition of the shipment if it arrives in other than good condition in the city or town in which it is to be sold by the licensee and the date when the shipment is sold, together with the price for which the shipment sold.

F. The records of a licensee pertaining to the receipt, packing, loading, shipment and sale of citrus fruit affected by this article shall at all times be open to inspection upon demand by any consignor as to an entry concerning citrus fruit received by the licensee from the consignor.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016