Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-623 Manufacturing Milk Or Cream; Operating Requirements; Sanitation; Sediment Test Tolerance; Pasteurization

3-623. Manufacturing milk or cream; operating requirements; sanitation; sediment test tolerance; pasteurization

A. Any barn, corral, enclosure or place in which manufacturing milk or cream is produced shall be kept free from accumulations of manure or other filth, and a foul smelling or unsanitary condition in or near the place shall not be tolerated.

B. Manufacturing milk or cream shall be produced in a clean and sanitary manner, strained into cans as produced and kept free of insects or other foreign matter. Manufacturing milk or cream shall not exceed a number three sediment test given as prescribed for the examination of dairy products by the standard methods of the association of official agricultural chemists. Utensils used in handling manufacturing milk or cream shall be washed clean after each use, disinfected by a chemical or steam process and stored in a clean place. The utensils shall comply with the requirements prescribed for utensils used in the production of grade A milk.

C. Manufacturing milk or cream shall not be used for manufacturing purposes unless it has been produced and handled as prescribed in this section, and pasteurized during the process of manufacture.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016