Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-709 Supervisor Of Egg Inspection; Egg Inspectors

3-709. Supervisor of egg inspection; egg inspectors

A. The associate director, with the approval of the director, shall employ a supervisor of egg inspection. The supervisor shall qualify by taking and filing the official oath of office. He shall be possessed of not less than three years' experience in the production, sale and determining of standards and grades of eggs. He shall be possessed of technical and educational qualifications or practical experience in the handling and inspection of eggs, and in all matters relating to the egg industry.

B. The associate director shall employ egg inspectors and the director may assign personnel from the office of inspections to perform any of the inspection-related activities prescribed by this article under the direction of the supervisor. Egg inspectors employed by the associate director must be certified by the United States department of agriculture. The duties of inspectors shall be to inspect, weigh and examine dried eggs, frozen eggs and eggs in the shell being advertised or offered for sale to determine the condition, quality, grade and weight thereof. They may examine records of a person advertising or offering for sale eggs or egg products. They shall enforce the provisions of this article and other laws relating to the sale of eggs under the supervision and direction of the director.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016