Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-725 Egg Products; Rules; Out‑of‑state Products; Sanitary Certificate

3-725. Egg products; rules; out-of-state products; sanitary certificate

A. Egg products shall not be sold in this state for human consumption unless the eggs used in such egg products have been candled to eliminate inedibles prior to removing the liquid from the shell and all further handling is pursuant to the rules prescribed under this chapter concerning sanitary requirements for separate egg breaking rooms, the quality and type of eggs to be broken and the labeling, freezing and storing of the product. Such egg products shall have been pasteurized by approved methods except as otherwise permitted by rules prescribed pursuant to this chapter.

B. Egg products prepared outside of the state, but within the United States, shall have been prepared only from eggs fit for human food and are at all times subject to the state rules for sampling and inspection procedure and subject to a reasonable inspection fee as provided in section 3-716.

C. As used in this section with relation to egg products, the standards of quality as determined by organoleptic inspections and laboratory analysis tests shall be as formulated by the United States department of agriculture. An inspector may take samples of any egg products within the state for laboratory analysis tests for the purpose of determining whether or not any provisions of this article have been violated.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016