Arizona Revised Statutes § 31-282 Contracted Entities; Duties; Services; Definition

31-282. Contracted entities; duties; services; definition

A. Each entity that contracts with the department to provide transition services pursuant to this article shall coordinate all services provided by the entity with the department.

B. Each contracted entity shall establish a network that may include community and faith-based organizations to make mentoring services and assistance available to eligible persons before and after eligible persons are released from confinement up to each eligible person's community supervision end date. A contracted entity may provide the following services or assistance to eligible persons:

1. Placing the person in employment, employment assistance and career counseling.

2. Basic academic education, general equivalency diploma preparation and postsecondary education job training.

3. Transitional needs, including housing, food or treatment services.

4. Assistance in finding health insurance coverage for the person and, if applicable, medical assistance, including assistance in finding necessary medication.

5. Mentoring services from the network established pursuant to this subsection.

C. Each contracted entity shall coordinate with the department to assist in placing eligible persons in appropriate training programs that may include basic or continuing education courses, anger management, communication skills, drug treatment, alcohol treatment, character education or family reunification.

D. Each contracted entity shall provide liaison services to the state department of corrections, the department of health services, the governor's office, county probation departments and community and faith-based organizations.

E. For the purposes of this section, " eligible person" means an inmate who is eligible to receive transition services based on the inmate's risk and need as determined by the director pursuant to section 31-281.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016