Arizona Revised Statutes § 31-334 Earnings Of Prisoner

31-334. Earnings of prisoner

A. The work furlough administrator shall provide that all earnings of a prisoner be transmitted to the work furlough administrator.

B. From the earnings, the work furlough administrator shall pay the prisoner's board and personal expenses both inside and outside the detention facility. The work furlough administrator shall also, upon authorization from the court, make payments toward the support of the prisoner's dependents, if any, and toward any restitution ordered by the court. If there are any remaining funds, the work furlough administrator may, upon authorization of the prisoner, pay in full or in part the preexisting debts of the prisoner. Any balance shall be retained until the prisoner is discharged and thereupon shall be paid to him.

C. The work furlough administrator shall make provisions for a separate trust account with the local governing unit through which all earnings shall be channeled. This responsibility may be delegated to an appropriate fiscal officer of the local governing unit.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016