Arizona Revised Statutes § 39-122 Free Searches For And Copies Of Public Records To Be Used In Claims Against United States; Liability For Noncompliance

39-122. Free searches for and copies of public records to be used in claims against United States; liability for noncompliance

A. No state, county or city, or any officer or board thereof shall demand or receive a fee or compensation for issuing certified copies of public records or for making search for them, when they are to be used in connection with a claim for a pension, allotment, allowance, compensation, insurance or other benefits which is to be presented to the United States or a bureau or department thereof.

B. Notaries public shall not charge for an acknowledgment to a document which is to be so filed or presented.

C. The services specified in subsections A and B shall be rendered on request of an official of the United States, a claimant, his guardian or attorney. For each failure or refusal so to do, the officer so failing shall be liable on his official bond.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016