Arizona Revised Statutes § 4-205 Issuance Of Club License; Regulatory Provisions; Revocation

4-205. Issuance of club license; regulatory provisions; revocation

A. The director may issue one club license to any club as defined in section 4-101.

B. The holder of a club license is authorized to sell and serve alcoholic beverages for consumption only within the licensed establishment owned, leased or occupied by the club, and only to bona fide members of the club, and to serve and sell to members' bona fide guests. Attendance at private clubs is limited to enrolled members of the club and their spouses, families and bona fide guests. Admitted nonmember guests shall not exceed more than fifty per cent of attendance during any month. This provision shall not limit the ability of a member or the club to host wedding receptions, group meetings, civic meetings, scheduled social functions, including bingo games and other member or club hosted functions where individuals are not admitted on the basis of being a guest of a member of the club and attendance at the event shall not be considered in computing the fifty per cent requirement.

C. No member and no officer, agent or employee of a club licensee shall be paid or shall directly or indirectly receive, in the form of salary or other compensation, any of the profits from the revenue producing activities of the club or from the distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages to the members of the club or to its guests, beyond the amount of the salary as fixed and voted on at a regular meeting by the members of the club licensee or by its governing body out of the general revenue of the licensee, nor shall such salaries or compensation be in excess of reasonable compensation for the services actually performed.

D. The director may revoke a club license issued pursuant to this section in any case in which the licensee ceases to operate as a bona fide club as defined in section 4-101.

E. No club may hold a spirituous liquor license other than one issued pursuant to this section, except that any club which on January 1, 1975 holds a spirituous liquor license other than one issued pursuant to this section may use such license until such time as the license is revoked or reverted.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016