Arizona Revised Statutes § 4-244.02 Unlawful Importation Of Spirituous Liquor; Exceptions

4-244.02. Unlawful importation of spirituous liquor; exceptions

A. It is unlawful for any person, not a qualified licensee under this title, to import spirituous liquors into this state from a foreign country unless:

1. Such person is the legal drinking age.

2. Such person has been physically within such foreign country immediately prior to such importation and such importation coincides with his return from such foreign country.

3. Except as provided in subsection B, the amount of spirituous liquor imported does not exceed the amount permitted by federal law to be imported duty-free, in any period of thirty-one days, except that if the federal law prescribing such duty-free limitation is repealed or amended, then in no event shall the amount of duty-free importation into this state be more than one liter of spirituous liquor during such period.

B. To the extent permitted by federal law, a member of the Arizona national guard, the United States armed forces reserves or the armed forces of the United States may import more than one liter of spirituous liquor for personal use into this state if the importation coincides with that person's return from a tour of duty in a foreign country. A person who imports more spirituous liquor pursuant to this subsection than the amount permitted by federal law to be imported duty-free shall be responsible for the payment of any federal taxes due on the quantity of spirituous liquor that exceeds the duty-free amount. The department may issue letters of exemption to allow military personnel to import spirituous liquor pursuant to this subsection.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016