Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1032 Resolution Declaring Intention To Form District

48-1032. Resolution declaring intention to form district

A. If the public convenience and necessity require, the board of supervisors of a county having a population of more than ninety thousand but less than two hundred fifty thousand persons according to the most recent United States decennial census, on its own motion or on receipt of a petition signed by the owners of more than one-half of the property in the proposed district, may adopt a resolution declaring its intention to form a rural road improvement district.

B. The resolution shall state the following:

1. The area to be included in the district which shall not include any area within the exterior boundaries of an incorporated city or town.

2. The rural road improvements for which the district is to be formed.

3. The date, time and place of the hearing to be held on the formation of the district.

4. The place where written objections to the formation of the district may be filed.

5. That formation of the district may result in the levy of ad valorem taxes to pay the costs of improvements constructed by the district.

6. A reference to this article.

C. Before adopting a resolution under this section, a general plan for the district showing the road to be improved and the types of improvements shall be filed with the clerk.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016