Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1592 Annual Estimate Of Taxes By Board Of Directors

48-1592. Annual estimate of taxes by board of directors

A. The board of directors on or before June 1 each year shall prepare estimates of the amount of money required to meet the obligations of the district for the next fiscal year, including maturing bonds and interest, maintenance, operating and current expenses, together with such additional amount necessary to meet any deficiency in the payment of items of expenses incurred during the previous year, and to provide funds for purchases of lands sold for delinquent taxes.

B. The estimates shall be fully itemized to show amounts required for each of the specified funds into which the money of the district is divided by the treasurer, and shall show the total amount of the itemized estimates.

C. The estimates shall be entered in full upon the records of the district and a certified copy thereof transmitted to the board of supervisors of each county in which any lands of the district are located, together with a certified copy showing the total number of acres of taxable lands of the district, and a description of such portions thereof as are located in each of the counties respectively, and shall include therein all lands within the boundaries of the district, except those excluded pursuant to this chapter.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016