Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-203 Estimated Cost Of Work; Application Fees; Exemption

48-203. Estimated cost of work; application fees; exemption

A. The estimated cost of any such work shall include the cost of all labor and materials to be utilized in completing such work.

B. Application shall be accompanied by a filing fee of fifty dollars. There shall be a further fee paid at the time of filing the application, or upon receipt of the proceeds of bonds and prior to beginning actual work if the work is to be paid for from the proceeds of bonds, based upon the estimated cost of the work, as follows:

1. For the first two hundred fifty thousand dollars, one per cent of the estimated cost.

2. For the next seven hundred fifty thousand dollars, one-half of one per cent.

3. For the next four million dollars, one-fourth of one per cent.

4. For all costs in excess of five million dollars, one-tenth of one per cent.

C. The provisions of subsection B of this section shall not apply to a district formed by a county, city or town.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016