Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-2108 Powers And Duties Of Directors; Assessments

48-2108. Powers and duties of directors; assessments

A. The directors shall hold an annual meeting and other meetings as they may determine are necessary. They shall make an annual report pursuant to section 48-251 showing the receipts and disbursements of all monies and property belonging to the district. They shall prepare an annual budget of the proposed expenditures to be made during the succeeding year. Any monies that may accrue to the district and that are in excess of the budgetary requirements for the succeeding year may be invested by the directors in public bonds or deposited in a federal reserve bank or other federally insured depository.

B. After the directors hold the first annual meeting, they shall mail a consent form to each landowner in the district. The consent form shall state that if the landowner signs the form and returns it to the directors the form constitutes prior written consent to district entry onto the landowner's property pursuant to section 48-2109. The district shall keep the signed forms on file.

C. The directors may contract with any person or organization to perform district functions on terms and conditions as they find advisable and shall supervise the performance of all contracts.

D. The directors may expend district monies to employ personnel and purchase equipment, supplies, services and all other things required to carry out the intent and purpose of the district. The directors shall not expend district monies for the purchase of real property without prior written consent of the board. The directors may sell or lease any lands, rights-of-way, easements, material or other property, real or personal, acquired by the district.

E. The directors may assign such district business as they may determine to a manager appointed by them and paid by the district. The manager has such powers as the directors may authorize.

F. The directors shall annually set the assessment for each parcel of land to be protected by the district and shall so notify the county assessor before March 1 of each year.

G. The directors may ask for amendments to the district either adding or removing pests from the list of those to be controlled or extending or contracting the boundaries of the district.

H. The directors may contract and cooperate with agencies, instrumentalities and departments of the state, the county and the United States interested in the control, extermination and eradication of the pest sought to be controlled or eradicated and may act to secure financial assistance from those agencies, instrumentalities and departments.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016