Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-2210 Health Services Survey And Report; Review By Department

48-2210. Health services survey and report; review by department

A. When a health services district is established, the board of directors shall conduct or cause to be conducted a survey of the ambulance service, ambulatory or other nonhospital-based medical service problems within the district.

B. Upon the completion of the survey, there shall be prepared and filed with the board of directors, the organizing board and the department a report setting forth:

1. A description of existing services and facilities available within the district.

2. A description of recommended services and facilities with plans and specifications for carrying out the purposes of the district.

3. A description of the arrangements which have been made or are in the process of being made to ensure that staff and a coordinating medical provider, as defined pursuant to section 36-2351, are available for the district.

4. A description of the property proposed to be acquired for implementation of the recommendations.

5. A map showing the boundaries of the district and in general the location of work proposed to be done, property taken or damages and other information useful to an understanding of the proposed work.

6. An estimate of the cost of the proposed recommendation including:

(a) First year capital costs in implementing the plan.

(b) Additional capital costs expected to be incurred in the first five years of implementation and for the subsequent five years.

(c) Yearly expected operating costs for the first three years of implementation.

(d) Proposed sources of funds and amounts to be received from each source during the first three years of operation.

C. Expenses of the survey and report shall be a charge against the district.

D. The department shall review the survey and report and provide the board of directors with written comments within thirty days of receiving the report.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016