Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-2362 District Council; Powers; Meetings

48-2362. District council; powers; meetings

A. The council shall consist of thirty members, three of whom shall be elected from each division. Each member shall at the time of election be a qualified district elector for land located in the division from which the member is elected, and shall be a resident of the district.

B. The council may enact and adopt by-laws and provide for the enforcement thereof for the government of the district, the management of its business and the conduct of its affairs, and may repeal, modify and amend them from time to time. No by-law shall be passed or enforced that will interfere with any existing vested right of any landowner within the district to the use of water for irrigation.

C. The council shall meet at least once each year in the place where the principal office of the district is located. The regular annual meeting of the council shall begin on the first Tuesday in May each year, and shall continue in session at its pleasure. Special meetings may be called in such manner and at such times as prescribed by the by-laws.

D. The compensation of members of the board of directors shall be determined by the council, but shall not exceed sixty dollars per day for each day's attendance at meetings of the board, and actual and necessary expenses while engaged in official business under order of the board.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016