Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-2606 Appeal From Order Of Board Of Supervisors

48-2606. Appeal from order of board of supervisors

A. Any person interested who is a party to the record may appeal to the superior court in the county in which the petition is heard from the order of the board of supervisors provided for in section 48-2605, but if more than one appeal is taken they shall be consolidated for trial. The appeal shall be taken within thirty days after entry of the order upon the minutes of the board of supervisors.

B. The appeal shall be taken and heard in the same manner as appeals from justice courts to the superior court in civil actions, except as otherwise provided by this section.

C. Upon the appeal the superior court shall make and enter its judgment affirming, modifying or reversing the order appealed from. Within ten days thereafter the superior court shall transmit a certified copy of the judgment to the board of supervisors and if the order of the board has been modified or reversed, the judgment of the superior court shall direct the board to enter the order as modified or the fact of reversal. The judgment and order shall be filed by the clerk of the board of supervisors, and at the first regular meeting of the board thereafter, it shall cause to be entered in its minutes the judgment and order as directed by the superior court.

D. The appeal from the order shall be heard and determined within thirty days from the date of filing of the notice of appeal.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016