Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-2637 Order For Election Upon Opposed Petition; Notice And Conduct Of Election; Ballots

48-2637. Order for election upon opposed petition; notice and conduct of election; ballots

A. If any person in the district interested in the proposed change of the boundary of the district shows cause why the boundary should not be changed, and does not withdraw the objection, and if the board of directors deems it for the best interest of the district that the boundaries of the district be changed to include the lands described in the petition, or some part thereof, the board shall adopt a resolution to that effect. The resolution shall describe the exterior boundaries of the lands which in the opinion of the board should be included within the boundaries of the district when changed.

B. Upon adoption of such resolution the board shall order that an election be held within the district to determine whether the boundaries of the district shall be changed as proposed in the resolution, shall fix the time at which the election shall be held, and cause notice thereof to be given and published. The notice shall be published, and the election held and conducted, the returns thereof made and canvassed, the result of the election declared, and all things pertaining thereto conducted in the manner prescribed by article 7 of this chapter for conducting special elections upon the issuance of district bonds.

C. The ballots cast at the election shall contain the words, " for change of boundary, " and " against change of boundary."

D. The notice of election shall describe the proposed change in the boundaries in such manner that the change of boundary can be readily traced.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016