Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3015 Registration Of Voters

48-3015. Registration of voters

A. The board of directors of an irrigation district using the personal and individual system of voting shall provide for and require a registration of the voters of the irrigation district. The registration books shall be opened for a period beginning on the thirtieth day after an election and closing on the fiftieth day before the date of the next election, and the place of registration shall be the business office of the district. The registration books shall include the full name and sex of the registrant, and the certificate of the registrant that he is a qualified elector of the district as provided by section 48-2917.

B. A person not registered as provided in this section shall not be entitled to vote, but a qualified and registered elector who voted at the last preceding district election and who continues to possess the qualifications of a qualified elector in the district shall not be required to reregister. Following the close of registration, the board of directors shall prepare lists of the qualified electors of the several divisions, and shall deliver the list to the judges of election in each division.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016