Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3046 Marking And Checking Of Ballots

48-3046. Marking and checking of ballots

A. Every qualified voter before receiving an official ballot shall call out his name to the election clerk. If his name is found on the election register the clerk shall hand him a blank official ballot, first inserting in a space provided for that purpose the number of votes which the voter is entitled to cast as ascertained from the election register. The clerk shall also, before delivering the ballot to the applicant therefor, write his name on the stub thereto and shall call out audibly the name of the applicant and the number of votes to which he is entitled, which shall be entered in the poll list in the order of the application for ballots.

B. After the voter has received his ballot he may retire to a booth to mark it. Having marked his ballot, he shall hand it to the inspector, folded in such manner that the inspector may see the number of votes to which the voter is entitled as marked on his ballot by the clerk. The inspector shall call the name of the voter and the number of votes he is entitled to cast, and the clerk shall compare the number so called with that indicated on the election register, and if they agree he shall so inform the inspector. The inspector shall then remove the stub at the perforated line, leaving the number of votes the voter is entitled to cast on the ballot, and deliver the ballot to the judge who shall deposit it in the ballot box and announce that it is voted. Such fact shall be noted by the clerk and by the inspector opposite the voter's name on the proper list. The inspector shall then file the stub on a string to be used by him for that purpose.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016