Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3092 General Powers Of Board; Terms Of Contract With United States

48-3092. General powers of board; terms of contract with United States

A. The board of directors shall perform all acts deemed necessary to carry out the powers set forth in this article. The board may enter into any obligation or contract with the United States for the purposes set forth in section 48-3091, and may provide therein for the delivery, distribution and apportionment of the water for the lands of the district in accordance with the acts of Congress applicable thereto and the rules and regulations of the secretary of the interior thereunder.

B. Provision may be made in the contract for the refusal of water service to any lands which become delinquent in the payment of any assessment levied for the purpose of carrying out a contract between the district and the United States. The contract may provide for the conveyance of water rights or other property of the district to the United States as partial consideration for the privileges obtained by the district under the contract, and if a contract is made with the United States as provided in this article, bonds of the district may be transferred to or deposited with the United States, if so provided by the contract and authorized as set forth in this article, at not less than eighty-five per cent of their par value to the amount to be paid by the district to the United States, or any part thereof. The interest or principal, or both, on the bonds shall be raised by assessment and levy as prescribed by this article and shall be paid to the United States and applied as provided in the contract. Districts cooperating with the United States may lease water to private lands, entrymen or municipalities in the neighborhood of the district pursuant to the contract with the United States.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016