Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-311 Alternative Plan; Resolution; Contents; Limitation As To Lands Included

48-311. Alternative plan; resolution; contents; limitation as to lands included

A. If the board of directors of a district elects to avail itself of the alternative plan, it shall adopt a resolution which shall be spread in full upon the record of the board's proceedings and shall contain:

1. A legal description, by tracts, parcels or lots, of the lands to be included in the proceeding.

2. A declaration that noxious weeds, shrubs, vines or grasses, specified by name, have been found on the lands.

3. A declaration that the existence of the noxious weeds, shrubs, vines or grasses thereon constitutes a nuisance and menace to other lands within the district.

4. A declaration that the noxious weeds, vines, shrubs or grasses shall be immediately eradicated, and if not, the district will proceed with the eradication.

5. The time and place when the board will hear objections of any owner of the lands and reasons why the district should not proceed with the eradication of the noxious weeds, shrubs, vines or grasses and with the assessment of the cost of the removal or eradication against the several tracts, parcels or lots of land affected.

B. The resolution may embrace any number of contiguous tracts, parcels or lots of land, but each shall be separately described.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016