Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3117 Acceptance Of Warrants Of District In Payment Of District Taxes

48-3117. Acceptance of warrants of district in payment of district taxes

A. District warrants drawn against any fund established by the board of directors or by law for which district taxes have been levied and assessed shall be received and accepted in payment of district taxes notwithstanding any provision of this article for the apportionment or division of district monies or tax collections into different funds. District warrants substantially complying with this article shall be prima facie evidence of the purposes for which they were issued and delivered and of their qualification for acceptance in payment of taxes, and shall be accepted as such by the respective county treasurers.

B. When district tax monies have been deposited by the district treasurer in a district fund and such monies, together with district warrants accepted in payment of district taxes, exceed the amount appropriated for that fund, the district secretary shall transfer from such fund, and apportion to other district funds, such excess tax monies so deposited so that each district fund shall, on final budget accomplishment, receive its proper proportion of district tax collections notwithstanding any deferment incidental to the acceptance of district warrants.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016