Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3157 Issuance Of Certificate Of Redemption; Issuance Of Deed Upon Failure To Redeem; Enforcement Of Right To Possession

48-3157. Issuance of certificate of redemption; issuance of deed upon failure to redeem; enforcement of right to possession

A. When redemption is made by the landowner or his grantee, the secretary shall issue and deliver to him a certificate of redemption, and, except when the sale has been made to the district, the secretary shall, upon surrender of the certificate of purchase, pay to the purchaser the amount paid on redemption.

B. If redemption is not made by the landowner or his grantee within the time provided by section 48-3156, the district secretary shall execute and deliver to the person last redeeming the property, or to the purchaser when there is no redemption, a deed reciting the proceedings taken and conveying all the right, title and interest of the delinquent landowner in and to the premises sold. The deed shall vest the grantee with title to the premises subject only to prior state, county and district taxes and assessments, and the person named in the deed shall be forthwith entitled to demand and receive possession of the premises described in the deed.

C. If the delinquent landowner or other person in possession of the lands described in the deed upon demand fails to deliver possession thereof, possession of the lands may be recovered as if held by forcible detainer.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016