Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3182 Filing Of Maps And Lists By Board Of Directors Prior To Bond Issue, Construction Contract Or Assessment; Notice; Submission Of Maps And Lists To State Certification Board

48-3182. Filing of maps and lists by board of directors prior to bond issue, construction contract or assessment; notice; submission of maps and lists to state certification board

Before a bond issue is voted upon, a construction contract entered into, or an assessment levied or toll or charge imposed for such major purposes, and when any new general plan is adopted, the board of directors shall:

1. File with the board of supervisors and county recorder of the county in which the major part of the lands proposed to be irrigated from district works are located a map or maps certified by the engineer or engineers and by the secretary of the district. The maps shall accurately delineate the boundaries of the district, the proposed location of storage reservoirs, diversion dams, power plants, irrigation canals, principal laterals and the parcels of lands proposed to be irrigated thereby.

2. At the time of filing the map or plat, file with the board of supervisors an accurate list certified by its engineer and the secretary of the parcels of land proposed to be irrigated from and to be charged with the cost of the construction.

3. After filing the map and list, publish once each week for a period of four weeks in at least one newspaper of general circulation in each county in which any part of the land is located a notice of filing the map and list. The notice shall contain a description of all lands described in the list and shall direct all persons to appear at a time not later than sixty days from the date of first publication of the notice and show cause before such board of supervisors why the parcels of land so listed, delineated and described should not be finally included within the district subjected to the cost and burdens of the proposed works. The notice shall further direct any and all persons to appear at the same time and place, and show cause why lands within the district omitted from the list should not be excluded from the district. The cost of publication of the notice shall be paid by the district.

4. Submit to the state certification board a certified copy of the engineer's report which shall embrace the map and list together with:

(a) All plats, profiles, general drawings, specifications and the engineer's calculations and cost estimates based thereon.

(b) A certified statement of the water analysis and data as compiled by the engineer with his calculations and deductions therefrom.

(c) A written estimate of the board of directors determining the amount of money necessary to be raised and the character and extent of the obligations to be undertaken to effect the adopted plans and purposes, including the payment of interest for not less than the first two years on the first bond issue.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016