Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3191 Incomplete Title Owners; Liability For Indebtedness

48-3191. Incomplete title owners; liability for indebtedness

The board of directors shall require all owners of lands within the district for which title is incomplete at the time of issuing bonds to enter into a contract to the effect that the landowner will, upon receiving full title, permit the assessment of his land for his proportionate share of the bonded indebtedness of the district, and in the meantime pay his proportionate share of all other assessments levied by the board of directors. No vested or prescriptive right to the use of water of the district shall attach to the land by virtue of the contract until the land is subject to taxation for bond indebtedness as provided in this chapter. As soon as the landowner has received full title to the land, the land shall then become liable for all existing obligations and indebtedness of the irrigation district as fully and to every intent and purpose as if full title had been held by the landowner at the time of the organization of the irrigation district.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016