Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3423 Notice Of Hearing; Bond For Expenses Of Organization

48-3423. Notice of hearing; bond for expenses of organization

A. When the petition is filed with the board of supervisors, the board shall examine it and investigate the signatures thereon. If the board finds that the petition conforms to the provisions of this chapter, it shall fix the amount of probable expenses which will be incurred in the organization of the district. The committee named in the petition shall thereupon give a bond, subject to approval by the board, for not less than twice the amount so fixed, guaranteeing repayment to the county of such expenses. The expenses of organization shall be paid from county funds, but if the district is not organized, the county shall be reimbursed by the principals and sureties on the bond. If the district is organized, the expenses shall become a charge against the district and paid as soon as funds are available.

B. Upon approval of the bond the board shall set the petition for hearing at a time not less than twenty nor more than forty days thereafter, and shall publish the petition, together with notice of the date fixed for hearing thereof, not less than twice, the last publication to be not less than ten days before the hearing, in a daily or weekly newspaper published in the county. The board shall post not less than five copies of the petition, together with notice of the date of the hearing, for every one hundred acres or fraction thereof within the proposed district, not less than fifteen days before the hearing at conspicuous places within the proposed district.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016