Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-404 Hearing; Election; Form Of Ballot; Qualifications Of Electors

48-404. Hearing; election; form of ballot; qualifications of electors

A. The board of supervisors shall hear the petition in accordance with the notice, hearing all persons in favor of or against the formation of the district and shall determine the adequacy of the petition.

B. If the board of supervisors determines that the petition is adequate they shall call an election within ninety days, which election shall be held in the same manner as other county elections and may be held with or in conjunction with another county election.

C. The board of directors of a corporation shall, by resolution entered upon its minutes, designate a member of the board who may vote for the corporation. Written notice of the name of the person authorized to vote for the corporation shall forthwith be given to the board of supervisors by the corporation.

D. Only those electors who make affidavit at the time of voting that they are of record the owner of one or more acres of the crop enumerated in the petition shall be entitled to vote or to hold office as director. Nonresident owners may vote and hold office as director.

E. The ballot shall be substantially as follows:

 " In favor of the formation of Pest Control District ( ) Against the formation of Pest Control District ( ) Acres of enumerated crop I own ( ) Names of proposed directors: ( ) __________________________________________ ( ) __________________________________________ ( ) __________________________________________ ( ) __________________________________________ ( ) __________________________________________ ( ) 

Signature _____________________"

F. There shall be not less than five proposed directors and additional spaces shall be provided for additional names to be entered by the voter should he choose.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016