Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-5103 Public Transportation Fund

48-5103. Public transportation fund

A. A public transportation fund is established for the authority. The fund consists of:

1. Monies appropriated by each municipality that is a member of the authority or the county, if it elected to enter into the authority. Each member municipality and member county shall appropriate monies to the public transportation fund in an amount determined by the board.

2. Monies appropriated by a county that has not elected to enter into the authority in an amount determined by the county board of supervisors.

3. Transportation excise tax revenues that are allocated to the fund pursuant to section 42-6105. The board shall separately account for monies from transportation excise tax revenues allocated pursuant to section 42-6105, subsection D, paragraph 3 for:

(a) A light rail public transit system.

(b) Capital costs for other public transportation.

(c) Operation and maintenance costs for other public transportation.

4. Monies distributed under title 28, chapter 17, article 1.

5. Grants, gifts or donations from public or private sources.

6. Monies granted by the federal government or appropriated by the legislature.

7. Fares or other revenues collected in operating a public transportation system.

B. On behalf of the authority, the fiscal agent shall administer monies paid into the public transportation fund. Monies in the fund may be spent pursuant to or to implement the public transportation element of the regional transportation plan developed and approved by the regional planning agency, including reimbursement for utility relocation costs as prescribed in section 48-5107, adopted pursuant to section 48-5121 and for projects identified in the regional transportation plan adopted by the regional planning agency pursuant to section 28-6308.

C. Monies in the fund shall not be spent to promote or advocate a position, alternative or outcome of an election, to influence public opinion or to pay or contract for consultants or advisors to influence public opinion with respect to an election regarding taxes or other sources of revenue for the fund or regarding the regional transportation plan.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016