Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-511 Referees; Duties; Report

48-511. Referees; duties; report

A. The referees shall at once proceed to view the lands sought to be condemned and ascertain the proper compensation to be paid to such of the parties interested in each parcel as have waived a trial by jury or by the court.

B. The referees may examine witnesses under oath to be administered by any of them, and may have subpoenas issued by the clerk of the court requiring the attendance of witnesses, or production of evidence before them.

C. The referees shall make and file with the court a written report of their findings, and their necessary expenses within thirty days after the date of their appointment, or within such extended time, not exceeding ninety days, as the court, upon good cause shown, may allow.

D. If a vacancy in the referees occurs and is filled, or if new referees are appointed, or if a new report from the same referees is ordered, as provided in this article, the time for filing the report shall be thirty days from the date of the order filling the vacancy, or appointing new referees, or ordering a new report from the same referees, and the time may be extended as above provided. Any two of the referees who agree thereto may make the report.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016