Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-553 Hearing On Reappraisal Report; Publication Of Notice; Refiling Report On Approval

48-553. Hearing on reappraisal report; publication of notice; refiling report on approval

A. As soon as the reappraisals provided for in sections 48-551 and 48-552 are completed, the appraiser or appraisers shall certify and file them in the office of the superintendent of streets, and the superintendent shall thereupon set a time for reviewing and passing upon the reappraisals, including the compensation and damages to be awarded for taking property and the assessments for benefits. He shall give notice of the hearing by publication in a daily or weekly newspaper published in the municipality. The notice shall appear on at least two different days of publication before the date of the hearing, and the first publication shall appear not less than five days before the date of the hearing.

B. Notices shall state:

1. The time and place fixed for the hearing.

2. That at the hearing the governing body will consider and pass upon all reappraisals made by the appraiser or appraisers.

3. That the reappraisals are on file in the office of the superintendent of streets where they may be seen and examined by interested property owners.

4. That all owners of property or persons having liens upon or interested in property to be taken for the improvement, or to be assessed therefor, shall have the right to file written objections to the reappraisals and may appear at the hearing in person, or by counsel, and be heard in support of objections filed by them or against changes in the figures made at the hearing.

C. The governing body, at the time fixed for the hearing, may continue it by order in their minutes, or may proceed therewith. It shall hear all persons interested and shall approve the reappraisal figures or make such changes therein at the hearing, or any postponement thereof, as it finds just and proper. All such changes shall be entered upon the minutes of the legislative body.

D. Upon conclusion of the hearing, the governing body shall approve the reappraisal figures with any changes it may have made therein, and they shall be refiled in the office of the superintendent of streets.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016