Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-5704 Establishment Of Agriculture Preservation District; Denial Of Petition; Costs

48-5704. Establishment of agriculture preservation district; denial of petition; costs

A. After the hearing if it appears after considering all objections that the petition is signed by the requisite numbers of property owners pursuant to section 48-5703, subsection A, paragraph 6, subdivision (b) and that the public health, comfort, convenience, necessity or welfare will be promoted by establishment of the district, the board of supervisors, by formal order, shall declare its findings, establish the boundaries and declare the district established under a corporate name by which it is known in all proceedings.

B. If the district is established, certified bills covering the costs of the board of supervisors and the disbursements of the petitioners shall be presented to the board of directors and paid from monies of the district. If the board of supervisors finds that the territory described in the petition should not be incorporated into an agriculture preservation district, the board shall dismiss the proceedings and may collect the costs on the bond of the petitioners.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016