Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-573 Pedestrian Malls

48-573. Pedestrian malls

In addition to the powers granted in section 48-572, when the public interest or convenience requires, the governing body of a municipality may:

1. Establish pedestrian malls.

2. Prohibit, in whole or in part, vehicular traffic on a pedestrian mall.

3. Pay, from general funds of the municipality or other available monies or from the proceeds of assessments levied on lands benefited by the establishment of a pedestrian mall, the damages, if any, allowed or awarded to any property owner by reason of the establishment of a pedestrian mall, provided that the resolution of intention contains a statement that an assessment will be levied to pay the whole or a stated portion of such damages, if any, allowed or awarded to any property owner by reason of the establishment of such pedestrian mall.

4. Construct on public streets which have been or will be established as a pedestrian mall improvements of any kind or nature necessary or convenient to the operation of such streets as a pedestrian mall, including but not limited to paving, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, sewers, covered walkways or areas, air conditioning, drainage works, street lighting facilities, fire protection facilities, flood protection facilities, water distribution facilities, vehicular parking areas, retaining walls, landscaping, tree planting, statuary, fountains, decorative structures, benches, rest rooms, child care facilities, display facilities, information booths, public assembly facilities, and other structures, works or improvements necessary or convenient to serve members of the public using such pedestrian mall including the reconstruction or relocation of existing municipally owned works, improvements or facilities on such streets. Such improvements or structures may be attached to abutting private buildings or structures, provided that such improvements or structures shall be located on public property.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016