Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-5905 Election Procedure; Costs; Ballot Questions; Qualified Electors

48-5905. Election procedure; costs; ballot questions; qualified electors

A. Any elections held pursuant to this chapter shall be administered by the county and shall be held on a date prescribed by section 16-204. The election date for all participating municipal water providers shall be on the same date. The governing bodies of any participating municipal water providers shall cooperate with the county board of supervisors, the county recorder and the county officer in charge of elections in order to facilitate the administration of any elections.

B. The costs of the elections shall be a county charge but if the district is formed, the district shall reimburse the county for the costs of the election. If the district is not formed, the participating municipal providers shall reimburse the county for the costs of the election.

C. The question of formation of the district and the election of a board of directors for the district shall be placed on the ballot at the same election.

D. Any election called pursuant to this chapter shall be a nonpartisan election called by posting notices in three public places within the boundaries of the district not less than twenty days before the election. Notice shall also be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county once a week for two consecutive weeks before the election. The notice shall state:

1. The place of holding the election.

2. The hours during the day in which the polls will be open.

3. If it is a formation election, the boundaries of the proposed district.

4. That a preliminary general plan is on file with the clerk.

E. Except as otherwise provided by this chapter, the election shall comply with the general election laws of this state, except that the words to appear on the ballots shall be for a formation election " district, yes" and " district, no" . The returns of the election shall be made to the governing body of each participating municipal water provider or, if after formation, to the district board.

F. All persons who reside within the proposed boundaries of the district are eligible to vote on the question of district formation if they are registered to vote as prescribed by title 16. A person who resides in the district is qualified to register to vote in the district as prescribed by section 16-101 and is eligible to vote in all elections called by or for the district as prescribed by section 16-120.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016