Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-6003 Design Concept Report; Watercourse, Land, Financial And Governance Plans; Board

48-6003. Design concept report; watercourse, land, financial and governance plans; board

A. On preliminary approval by the county board of supervisors for a plan for a district that provides for county cost sharing or on receipt of any comment from the county board of supervisors for a plan that does not provide for county cost sharing, the district's initial management oversight committee shall obtain monies for and prepare a district concept report. Cities, towns, counties and other government entities and private parties may provide monies for the costs of preparing the district concept report. The district concept report shall include provisions regarding the watercourse master plan for the district, the land use plan for the district, the financial plan for the district and the governance plan for the district.

B. The watercourse master plan shall be revised and updated as appropriate by the county flood control district and, in conjunction with other plans in the district concept report, shall provide for at least the following:

1. Floodplain boundary delineation.

2. Floodway boundary delineation.

3. Establishment of hydrologic requirements for the activities of the district including the construction of any structures and coordination of hydrologic planning for existing and planned uses within the district.

4. Establishment of requirements for submittal and receipt of any permits required under section 404 of the clean water act (33 United States Code sections 1251 through 1376).

5. Coordination of the various phases of activity planned for the district in order to maintain appropriate hydrologic standards.

C. The land use plan for the district shall include provisions for at least the following:

1. The preparation of draft specific area plans in conjunction with city, town and county participation. The draft specific area plans shall include detailed boundary descriptions, plans for mining operations, including reclamation activities, if applicable, and access plans, recreational opportunity plans and recharge opportunity plans.

2. In conjunction with the district planning process, preparations for city, town or county general plan updates, as appropriate.

3. The separation of the district's boundaries into a proposed legal boundary for the preliminary phase of the district for purposes of planning for the district, for financing and constructing floodway improvements and protections and that is limited to the area that is contained within the floodplain. Areas that are outside of the floodplain may not be included in the legal boundary for the district but may be considered for planning purposes.

D. The financial plan shall include estimates for the costs of forming the district, performing any related planning and construction and for ongoing operations and maintenance activities. The financial plan shall include a description of the financing mechanisms to be used by the district and provided for in this chapter.

E. The governance plan for the district shall include at least the following:

1. A five member board of directors who shall be appointed by the county board of supervisors and who shall serve staggered terms of four years.

2. At the option of the county board of supervisors, an advisory board to assist the board of directors in carrying out the provisions of this chapter.

3. An appropriate process for the governance of the district that is consistent with the financing mechanisms to be used by the district.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016