Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-6254 Voluntary Payments In Lieu Of Property Taxes

48-6254. Voluntary payments in lieu of property taxes

(Conditionally Rpld.)

A. The board may provide for voluntary payments of money to taxing jurisdictions in which district property is located in lieu of taxes otherwise levied by those jurisdictions.

B. If the board elects to make direct payments under this section to any taxing jurisdiction in any tax year:

1. On or before April 1, the board shall notify the county assessor of the county in which the property is located of its election to make a payment under this section.

2. The board shall pay to the county treasurer one-half of the amount not later than the first Monday in November and the other one-half not later than the first Monday in May of the next year.

C. The board shall make any direct payments under this section from any unrestricted and unencumbered monies in the general fund. The payments are considered to be an operating expense of the district.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016