Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-6671 Definitions

48-6671. Definitions

(Conditionally Rpld. Delayed Rpld.)

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. " Bond" means any obligation authorized and issued pursuant to this article, including:

(a) Bonds, lease-purchase and installment purchase agreements.

(b) Certificates of participation in a lease-purchase or installment purchase agreement.

(c) Obligations that are authorized and issued to refund or refinance obligations that are authorized and issued pursuant to this article.

2. " Bond related expenses" means any expenses incurred by the district for issuing and administering its bonds, including underwriting fees and costs, trustee fees, financial consultant fees, printing and advertising costs, paying agent fees, transfer agent fees, legal, accounting, feasibility consultant and other professional fees and expenses, credit enhancement fees, attorney and accounting fees and expenses related to credit enhancement, bond insurance or liquidity enhancement, remarketing fees, rating agency fees and costs, travel and telephone expenses and all other fees considered necessary by the district in order to market and administer the bonds.

3. " Regional attraction venue purpose" includes:

(a) The capital costs of acquiring, designing, developing, constructing, reconstructing, equipping, furnishing, repairing, maintaining and improving regional attraction venue facilities, directly related improvements and public infrastructure, except as otherwise limited by this article. For the purposes of this subdivision, " public infrastructure" means capital improvements that will directly and principally benefit the district and includes:

(i) Sanitary sewage systems.

(ii) Drainage and flood control systems.

(iii) Water systems.

(iv) Highways, streets, roadways and parking facilities, including access, ingress, egress and parking.

(v) Pedestrian and other nonmotorized facilities for access, ingress, egress and parking.

(vi) Landscaping.

(vii) Public buildings and public safety and fire protection facilities.

(viii) Lighting systems.

(ix) Traffic control systems, signals, controls, markings and signage.

(b) The payment of bonds.

(c) Bond related expenses.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016