Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-6808 Powers Of A Revitalization District

48-6808. Powers of a revitalization district

A. In addition to the powers otherwise granted to a district pursuant to this article, a district may to further the implementation of the general plan:

1. Enter into contracts and spend monies for any infrastructure purpose with respect to the district.

2. Enter into intergovernmental agreements as prescribed in title 11, chapter 7, article 3 for the financing, planning, design, inspection, ownership, control, maintenance, operation or repair of infrastructure or the provision of enhanced municipal services by the municipality in the district, including an intergovernmental agreement with an Indian tribe or community.

3. Sell, lease or otherwise dispose of district property if the sale, lease or conveyance is not a violation of the terms of any contract or bond resolution of the district.

4. Reimburse a municipality for providing enhanced municipal services in the district.

5. Operate, maintain and repair infrastructure.

6. Establish, charge and collect user fees, rates or charges for the use of any infrastructure or service.

7. Employ staff, counsel and consultants.

8. Reimburse a municipality for staff and consultant services and support facilities supplied by the municipality.

9. Accept gifts or grants and incur and repay loans for any infrastructure purpose.

10. Enter into agreements with landowners and the municipality for the collection of fees and charges from landowners for infrastructure purposes, the advance of monies by landowners for infrastructure purposes or the granting of real property by the landowner for infrastructure purposes.

11. After approval at an election held pursuant to section 48-6818, levy and assess the costs of any infrastructure purpose on any land benefited in the district.

12. Pay the financial, legal and administrative costs of the district.

13. Enter into contracts, agreements and trust indentures to obtain credit enhancement or liquidity support for its bonds and process the issuance, registration, transfer and payment of its bonds and the disbursement and investment of proceeds of the bonds.

14. With the consent of the governing body of the municipality that formed the district, enter into agreements with persons outside of the district to provide services to persons and property outside of the district.

15. With the consent of the applicable governmental entity, use public easements and rights-of-way in or across public property, roadways, highways, streets or other thoroughfares and other public easements and rights-of-way, whether in or out of the geographical limits of the district or the municipality.

B. In connection with any power authorized by statute, the district may:

1. Contract.

2. Enter into intergovernmental agreements pursuant to title 11, chapter 7, article 3.

3. Adopt and change a seal.

4. Sue and be sued.

5. Enter into development agreements, as defined in section 9-500.05.

C. The district shall not be used to finance or facilitate the acquisition, operation, maintenance, construction or operation of a sports stadium or other sports facility that is designed specifically for or used specifically by a professional sports team, including a clubhouse, a practice facility or any other related facility or on-site infrastructure or related parking facilities for those purposes. This subsection does not apply to the financing, acquisition, operation, maintenance or construction of a multipurpose event center.

D. Public infrastructure other than personalty may be located only in or on lands owned by the state, a county, a municipality or the district or dedicated or otherwise designated as public roadways, highways, streets, thoroughfares, easements or rights-of-way, whether in or out of the district or the municipality. Personalty may be used only for purposes authorized by the district board.

E. An agreement pursuant to subsection A, paragraph 10 of this section may include agreements to repay all or part of such advances, fees and charges from the proceeds of bonds if issued or from advances, fees and charges collected from other landowners or users or those having a right to use any infrastructure. A person does not have authority to compel the issuance or sale of the bonds of the district or the exercise of any taxing power of the district to make repayment under any agreement.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016