Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-705 Order Forming District; Election

48-705. Order forming district; election

A. After the hearing, the governing body may adopt a resolution ordering the formation of the district, deleting any property determined not to be benefited by the district or modifying the general plan and then ordering the formation of the district or determining that the district not be formed. A resolution ordering formation of the district shall state whether the district will be governed by a district board comprised of the members of the governing body, ex officio, or, at the option of the governing body and if the total area included in the district is larger than six hundred acres, five directors appointed by the governing body. If the district board will be comprised of appointed directors, the resolution shall contain the names of the five initial directors and the terms of office of each.

B. If the governing body determines that the district should be formed, it shall submit the formation to an election of the owners of land in the district who are qualified electors of this state and other landowners, according to section 48-3043, unless a petition is presented to the governing body pursuant to section 48-707, subsection F. Each owner has the number of votes or portions of votes equal to the number of acres or portions of acres rounded upward to the nearest one-fifth of an acre owned by that owner in the submitted district. In addition to holding the landowner election required by this subsection or receipt of the landowner petition pursuant to section 48-707, subsection F, and subject to section 48-707, subsection G, the governing body shall submit the formation of the district to a vote of the qualified electors who reside within the boundaries of the proposed district.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016