Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-815.02 Dissolution; Petitions Of Property Owners; Form; Verification

48-815.02. Dissolution; petitions of property owners; form; verification

A. A petition of property owners that is submitted to comply with section 48-815.01, subsection A, paragraph 7 shall contain a heading that clearly identifies the type of petition circulated and a statement that clearly describes the type of action being proposed. The petition shall be in a form that is substantially similar to the following:

Fire district dissolution petition

To the board of supervisors of (insert name) county:

We the undersigned, property owners of (insert name of county), state of Arizona and owning property within the boundaries as illustrated and defined on the attached exhibit(s), legal description and map of the boundaries, petition the county board of supervisors to dissolve the (insert name of fire district) as described in the attached exhibit(s). I have personally signed this petition with my first and last names. I have not signed any other petition for the same measure. I am a property owner of the state of Arizona, county of _____________.

Notice: This is only a description of the proposed dissolution of the district by the sponsor of the measure. It may not include every provision contained in the measure. Before signing, make sure the exhibits are attached. You have the right to read or examine the statement before signing.


It is a class 1 misdemeanor for any person to knowingly do any of the following:

1. Sign a district dissolution petition with a name other than the person's own name, except in a circumstance where the person signs for another person, in the presence of and at the specific request of that person, who is incapable of signing that person's own name because of physical infirmity.

2. Sign the person's name more than once for the same measure.

3. Sign a district dissolution petition if the person is not a property owner.

 Signature Name Actual Arizona City or Date (first and Address Post Office Town last name (street &  Address (if any) printed) no. and if &  Zip no street Code 





(Fifteen numbered lines for signatures)

The validity of signatures on this sheet must be sworn to by the circulator before a notary public on the form appearing on the back of the sheet.

B. Each petition sheet shall have printed in capital letters in no less than twelve point boldfaced type in the upper right-hand corner of the face of the petition sheet the following:

" ___________ paid circulator" " ______________ volunteer"

C. A circulator of petitions shall state whether the circulator is a paid circulator or volunteer by checking the appropriate line on the petition form before circulating the petition for signatures.

D. Signatures obtained on petitions in violation of subsection B of this section are void and shall not be counted in determining the legal sufficiency of the petition. The presence of signatures that are invalidated under this subsection on a petition does not invalidate other signatures on the petition that were obtained as prescribed by this section.

E. At the time of signing, the property owner shall sign the property owner's first and last names in the spaces provided and the property owner so signing for the person circulating the petition shall print the first and last names and write, in the appropriate spaces following the signature, the signer's residence address, giving street and number, and if the property owner has no street address, a description of the residence location. The property owner so signing or the person circulating the petition shall write, in the appropriate spaces following the property owner's address, the date on which the property owner signed the petition.

F. The title and text of petitions shall be in at least eight point type.

G. The eight point type required by subsection F of this section does not apply to maps, charts or other graphics.

H. The board of supervisors or other governing body of a political subdivision that receives a petition pursuant to this section shall submit a copy of the signature sheets to the county assessor for verification. The county assessor shall:

1. Verify that the petition contains the names of more than one-half of the property owners in the area of the proposed district.

2. Determine the total assessed valuation of the property owned by the persons whose names are signed on the petition.

I. The county assessor shall report the results of the verification to the board of supervisors or other governing body within ten days after receiving the copy of the signature sheets, not including Saturdays, Sundays and other legal holidays.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016