Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-952 General Obligations Of District

48-952. General obligations of district

General obligations of the district shall be provided for by the levy and collection of taxes upon all the real and personal property in the district unless otherwise specifically authorized. General obligations shall be limited to the following:

1. The cost of operation, maintenance and repair of improvements made under this article, and the cost of operation and maintenance of streets within the district to the extent that any of the foregoing costs are not assumed by the county.

2. The payment of that portion of the cost of any improvement authorized to be assessed as a general obligation of the district by the resolution of intention and contract, including assessments on public property imposed upon the district under the provisions of section 48-920.

3. The payment of the purchase price of lots sold to the district under the provisions of section 48-941, but the total amount of taxes levied upon all the property of the district for the purchase price of lots sold under any proceeding shall be limited to twenty per cent of the aggregate amount of principal and interest on the bonds issued under this proceeding.

4. The payment of preliminary incidental costs for which the district has become liable by abandonment of improvement proceedings under the provisions of section 48-926.

5. Contingent liabilities required to be paid pursuant to section 48-928, subsection K.

6. Repayment of any loans that are required by this article to be made by the district or the county.

7. Attorney fees and other costs of any action brought by or against the district to foreclose an assessment lien or to defend any action brought pursuant to this article.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016