Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-1275 Water Supply Development Revolving Fund Financial Assistance; Terms

49-1275. Water supply development revolving fund financial assistance; terms

A. A loan from the water supply development revolving fund shall be evidenced by bonds, if the water provider has bonding authority, or by a financial assistance agreement, delivered to and held by the authority.

B. A loan under this section shall:

1. Be repaid not more than forty years after the date incurred.

2. Require that interest payments begin not later than the next date that either principal or interest must be paid by the authority to the holders of any of the authority's bonds that provided funding for the loan. If the loan is for construction of water supply development facilities, the authority may provide that loan interest accruing during construction and one year after completion of the construction be capitalized in the loan.

3. Be conditioned on the establishment of a dedicated revenue source for repaying the loan.

C. The authority, in consultation with the committee, shall prescribe the rate of interest on loans made under this section, but the rate shall not exceed the prevailing market rate for similar types of loans. The authority, on recommendations from the committee, may adopt rules that provide for flexible interest rates and interest free loans. All financial assistance agreements or bonds of a water provider shall clearly specify the amount of principal and interest and any redemption premium that is due on any payment date.

D. The approval of a loan is conditioned on a written commitment by the water provider to complete all applicable reviews and approvals and to secure all required permits in a timely manner.

E. A loan made to a water provider under this section may be secured additionally by an irrevocable pledge of any shared state revenues due to the water provider for the duration of the loan as prescribed by a resolution of the committee. If the committee requires an irrevocable pledge of the shared state revenues for financial assistance loan repayment agreements, the authority shall enter into an intercreditor agreement with the greater Arizona development authority to define the allocation of shared state revenues in relation to individual borrowers. If a pledge is required and a water provider fails to make any payment due to the authority under its loan repayment agreement or bonds, the authority shall certify to the state treasurer and notify the governing body of the defaulting water provider that the water provider has failed to make the required payment and shall direct a withholding of state shared revenues as prescribed in subsection F of this section. The certificate of default shall be in the form determined by the authority, except that the certificate shall specify the amount required to satisfy the unpaid payment obligation of the water provider.

F. On receipt of a certificate of default from the authority, the state treasurer, to the extent not expressly prohibited by law, shall withhold any monies due to the defaulting water provider from the next succeeding distribution of monies pursuant to section 42-5029. In the case of a city or town, the state treasurer shall also withhold from the monies due to the defaulting city or town from the next succeeding distribution of monies pursuant to section 43-206 the amount specified in the certificate of default and shall immediately deposit the monies in the water supply development revolving fund. The state treasurer shall continue to withhold and deposit monies until the authority certifies to the state treasurer that the default has been cured. The state treasurer shall not withhold any amount that is necessary to make any required deposits then due for the payment of principal and interest on bonds of the water provider if so certified by the defaulting water provider to the state treasurer and the authority. The water provider shall not certify deposits as necessary for payment for bonds unless the bonds were issued before the date of the loan repayment agreement and the bonds were secured by a pledge of distribution made pursuant to sections 42-5029 and 43-206.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016