Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-245 Criteria For Issuing General Permit

49-245. Criteria for issuing general permit

A. The director may issue by rule a general permit for a defined class of facilities if all of the following apply:

1. The cost of issuing individual permits cannot be justified by any environmental or public health benefit that may be gained from issuing individual permits.

2. The facilities, activities or practices in the class are substantially similar in nature.

3. The director is satisfied that appropriate conditions under a general permit for operating the facilities or conducting the activity will meet the applicable requirements in section 49-243 or, as to facilities for which the director has established best management practices, section 49-246.

B. In addition to other applicable enforcement actions, if a person violates the conditions of a general permit, the director may revoke the general permit for that person and require that the person obtain an individual permit. A general permit may be revoked, modified or suspended at any time by the director if necessary to comply with this chapter.

C. Rules establishing a general permit shall include terms and conditions to ensure that all discharges and facilities will meet the requirements of this chapter and shall provide for the collective or individual revocation of the general permit if necessary to ensure compliance with this chapter.

D. Rules adopted pursuant to subsection A of this section may require a person who owns or operates a facility seeking coverage under a general permit to notify the director of the person's intent to operate the facility pursuant to the general permit and pay the applicable fee required pursuant to section 49-203.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016