Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-310 New Pesticides; Conditional Registration; Reports

49-310. New pesticides; conditional registration; reports

A. The director may provide for the conditional registration of a new pesticide for one year with an option to renew annually for a period not to exceed three years under the following conditions:

1. The new pesticide is registered pursuant to the federal insecticide, fungicide and rodenticide act as amended (7 United States Code section 136; P.L. 100-532; 102 Stat. 2654) and is registered for use in one or more other states.

2. The director determines that a conditional registration will result in use of the new pesticide in this state that is sufficient to generate acceptable data to complete the permanent registration of the new pesticide pursuant to section 49-302. An applicant who submits data shall commit to develop and generate new data for the department's review and approval. The new data shall address the deficiency previously identified by the department in its initial review and approval process. The commitment shall be in the form of a contract with the department.

3. The new pesticide in question shall be important to agriculture as determined by the director of environmental quality after consultation with the Arizona department of agriculture.

B. Each registrant who holds a conditional registration shall submit a report to the director annually as specified by the director that describes the progress made in developing each item of required data. The director may require that additional data be included in the reports.

C. On receipt of the prescribed reports, the director may determine that the conditional registration status be continued for an additional year or be canceled if the reports indicate a lack of progress. If the conditional registration is canceled, all product in the state, including product at the user level, shall be removed from sale or distribution.

D. Conditional registration shall not be granted more than one time per pesticide.

E. Conditional registrants shall not voluntarily cancel the conditional registration.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016