Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-404 State Implementation Plan

49-404. State implementation plan

A. The director shall maintain a state implementation plan that provides for implementation, maintenance and enforcement of national ambient air quality standards and protection of visibility as required by the clean air act.

B. The director may adopt rules that describe procedures for adoption of revisions to the state implementation plan.

C. The state implementation plan and all revisions adopted before September 30, 1992 remain in effect according to their terms, except to the extent otherwise provided by the clean air act, inconsistent with any provision of the clean air act, or revised by the administrator. No control requirement in effect, or required to be adopted by an order, settlement agreement or plan in effect, before the enactment of the clean air act in any area which is a nonattainment or maintenance area for any air pollutant may be modified after enactment in any manner unless the modification insures equivalent or greater emission reductions of the air pollutant. The director shall evaluate and adopt revisions to the plan in conformity with federal regulations and guidelines promulgated by the administrator for those purposes until the rules required by subsection B are effective.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016