Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-433 Special Inspection Warrant

49-433. Special inspection warrant

A. The director and his deputies charged under this chapter or the rules and regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter with powers or duties involving inspection of real or personal property including buildings, building premises and building contents for the purpose of air pollution control shall be authorized to present themselves before a magistrate and apply for, obtain and execute special inspection warrants. Such inspections shall be limited to property other than the interior or structures used as private residences.

B. Upon showing by the affidavit of the director or his deputies that consent to entry for inspection purposes has been refused or circumstances justify the failure to seek such consent, special inspection warrants may be issued by a magistrate for inspection of public or private, real or personal properties. Such warrants shall not be necessary in the case of an emergency where there is an imminent and substantial endangerment to the health of persons.

C. The warrant shall be in substantially the following form: " County of ___________________, state of Arizona to the director or any deputy director in the state of Arizona, proof by affidavit having been this day made before me by (person or persons whose affidavit has been taken) that in and upon certain premises in the (city, town or county) of ________________ and more particularly described as follows: (describe the premises with reasonable particularity) there now exists a reasonable governmental interest to determine if such premises comply with (section ____________ of the Arizona Revised Statutes) and/or (section _______________ of regulation or ordinance). You are therefore commanded in the day time (or during reasonable business hours), to make an inspection of said premises as soon as practicable. Date, signature and title of office." The endorsement on the warrant shall be in substantially the following form: " Received by me ___________________, 19____, at ___________ o'clock ______________. (Name of director or deputy director)." The return of officer shall be in substantially the following form: " I hereby certify that by virtue of the within warrant I searched the named premises and found the following things (describe findings). Dated this ______ day of _______________, 19___ (Name of director or deputy director)."

D. The warrant may be served by the director or his deputies mentioned in its directions, but by no other person except in aid of the director or his deputies, on his requiring it, the director or his deputies being present and acting in its execution.

E. A warrant shall be executed and returned to the magistrate who issued it within ten days after its date. After the expiration of that time, the warrant shall unless executed be void.

F. Any person who wilfully refuses to permit an inspection lawfully authorized by warrant issued pursuant to this article is guilty of a petty offense.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016