Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-471.05 Contents Of Preamble

49-471.05. Contents of preamble

The preamble shall include:

1. Reference to the specific statutory authority for the rule or ordinance.

2. The name and address of county personnel with whom persons may communicate regarding the rule or ordinance.

3. For the proposed rule or ordinance, a description of the rule or ordinance making process, including the procedure for requesting an oral proceeding.

4. An explanation of the rule or ordinance, including the control officer's reasons for initiating the rule or ordinance.

5. A reference to any study that the control officer proposes to rely on in the control officer's evaluation of or justification for the rule or ordinance and where the public may obtain or review the study, all data underlying the study, any analysis of the study and other supporting material.

6. An economic, small business and consumer impact statement that includes those elements prescribed in section 41-1055, subsections A, B and C.

7. The proposed effective date of the rule or ordinance.

8. Such other matters as are prescribed by statute and that are applicable to the county or to any specific rule or ordinance or class of rules or ordinances.

9. For a final rule or ordinance, a list of all previous notices appearing in the register addressing the proposed rule or ordinance and a concise explanatory statement prescribed in section 49-471.07, subsection B.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016