Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-581 Definitions

49-581. Definitions

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. " Alternate mode" means any mode of commute transportation other than the single occupancy motor vehicle.

2. " Approvable travel reduction plan" means a plan that is submitted by a major employer and that meets the requirements set forth in section 49-588.

3. " Area A" has the same meaning prescribed in section 49-541.

4. " Board" means the board of supervisors of a county with a population of more than one million two hundred thousand persons according to the most recent United States decennial census.

5. " Carpool" or " vanpool" means two or more persons traveling in an automobile, truck or van to or from work.

6. " Commute trip" means a trip taken by an employee to or from a work site located within the county.

7. " Commuter matching service" means a system, whether it uses computer or manual methods, which assists in matching employees for the purpose of sharing rides to reduce the drive alone travel.

8. " Employer" means any sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, unincorporated association, cooperative, joint venture, agency, department, district or other individual or entity, either public or private, that employs workers.

9. " Full-time employee" means an employee who works at or reports to a single work site during any twenty-four hour period for at least three days per week during at least six months of the year.

10. " Full-time student" means a driving-aged high school, community college or university student commuting to school three or more days of the week during any regular school term.

11. " Major employer" means an employer with one hundred or more employees working at or reporting to a single work site during any twenty-four hour period for at least three days per week during at least six months of the year, except that in area A the threshold is fifty employees.

12. " Mode" means the type of conveyance used in transportation, including single occupancy motor vehicle, rideshare vehicles, transit, bicycle and walking.

13. " Motor vehicle" means any self-propelled vehicle including a car, van, bus or motorcycle and all other motorized vehicles.

14. " Political subdivision" means a city, town or county of this state.

15. " Public interest group" means any nonprofit group whose purpose is to further the welfare of the community.

16. " Reduced emission vehicle" means a motor vehicle that is certified by the task force as being substantially lower emitting in actual use than vehicles generally purchased in the area and that shall be counted as less than a single motor vehicle for travel reduction plan purposes.

17. " Reduced emission vehicle factor" means a factor that is applied to the single occupancy vehicle count and the motor vehicle miles traveled count pursuant to section 49-588 to allow a reduced emission vehicle to receive less than the full count of a regular motor vehicle or a mile traveled by a regular motor vehicle.

18. " Regional" means an area which encompasses or overlaps territory within the jurisdiction of two or more political subdivisions of this state.

19. " Regional program" means the combination of all implemented plans within area A which program shall begin in January, 1989.

20. " Ridesharing" means transportation of more than one person for commute purposes in a motor vehicle, with or without the assistance of a commuter matching service.

21. " Staff" means the county staff assigned to the task force.

22. " Task force" means the travel reduction program regional task force in area A which is designated by the board as the responsible agency to implement and enforce this article.

23. " Transit" means a bus or other public conveyance system.

24. " Transportation coordinator" means a person designated by an employer, property manager or transportation management association as the lead person in developing and implementing a travel reduction plan.

25. " Transportation management association" means a group of employers or associations formally organized to seek solutions for transportation problems experienced by the group.

26. " Travel reduction plan" means a written report outlining travel reduction measures.

27. " Travel reduction program" means a program that implements a travel reduction plan by an employer and is designed to achieve a predetermined level of travel reduction through various incentives and disincentives.

28. " Vehicle miles traveled" means the number of miles traveled by a motor vehicle for commute trips. A mile traveled by a reduced emission vehicle shall be counted as less than a full vehicle mile traveled for travel reduction plan purposes.

29. " Vehicle occupancy" means the number of occupants in a motor vehicle including the driver.

30. " Voluntary participant" means an employer that is not included in the definition of major employer and chooses to participate in a travel reduction program.

31. " Work site" means a building and any grouping of buildings which are on physically contiguous parcels of land or on parcels separated solely by private or public roadways or rights-of-way and which are owned or operated by the same employer.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016