Arizona Revised Statutes § 5-101.01 Division Of Racing; Director; Qualifications; Term; Deputy Director; Conflict Of Interest

5-101.01. Division of racing; director; qualifications; term; deputy director; conflict of interest

A. There is established a division of racing within the department of gaming.

B. The director shall administer the division. To be eligible for appointment as director, a person must have a minimum of five years of experience in business and administration and shall not have a financial interest in a racetrack or in the racing industry in this state during his appointment.

C. The director may establish the position of deputy director of the division.

D. The position of deputy director, if applicable, is exempt from title 41, chapter 4, articles 5 and 6. The deputy director, if applicable, is eligible to receive compensation pursuant to section 38-611.

E. The provisions of title 38, chapter 3, article 8, relating to conflict of interest, apply to the director and all other employees of the department.

F. Neither the director, any employee of the department nor any member of the immediate family of the director or other employee of the department may:

1. Have any pecuniary interest in a racetrack in this state or in any kennel, stable, compound or farm licensed under this chapter.

2. Wager money at a racetrack enclosure or additional wagering facility in this state or wager money on the results of any race held at a racetrack enclosure in this state.

3. Hold more than a five percent interest in any entity doing business with a racetrack in this state.

4. Have any interest, whether direct or indirect, in a license issued pursuant to this chapter or in a licensee, facility or entity that is involved in any way with pari-mutuel wagering. For the purposes of this paragraph, " interest" includes employment.

G. Failure to comply with subsection F of this section is grounds for dismissal.

H. For the purposes of subsection F of this section, " immediate family" means a spouse or children who regularly reside in the household of the director or other employee of the department.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016